One way I am helping save the kosmos…

This sparingly used blog is going to get a lot more love in these next few months. 

Some of you know that I finished my coursework at Tulane for my Masters and moved home to re-take my MCAT and look for my final internship.  The MCAT felt much better this time around:  I felt more at peace, better prepared, and just more focused overall. 

So my search for an internship (the last step needed to finish my masters) has ended, beautifully, I might add.  I have to admit once I moved home I kept getting great e-mails about jobs/internships in New Orleans and I started to worry that maybe I should have stayed.  But God had the right plan all along for me!
I am now heading into a busy last few weeks as I  found out that I will be starting my first day of an internship in Johannesburg, South Africa on June 30th.
I will be working with World Vision International assisting the Senior Director for Global Health and HIV & AIDS Hope Initiative and her team down there for about 5.5 months until December 12th.  This means I won’t get a summer until November or December, but I guess my time in New Orleans was warm enough to last me a while! 

You might remember that I spent some glorious weeks in Cape Town, South Africa six years ago and loved it.  I have always been looking for a route back to South Africa.  But the timing has never been right until now.

I am so thankful for God leading me this far.  When I went to South Africa last time I didn’t have any skills or training to offer, just a willing heart.  But now I feel like I go back with my hands full of learning and experience.  I am so blessed.
Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I prepare to leave for many months.  I have to update my shots, get a driver’s license (yes, they want me to drive!  ME!!!), and say goodbyes here!
Keep posted here to learn more about my preparations, pictures, thoughts, etc.

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