The first answer is always prayer

For thousands of years women have had babies and often delivered their children themselves or with the help of a family member and a few basic necessities.  These basic necessities are often made available today for women in refugee situations.  They are put together and the package is called a Clean Home Delivery Kit

The items in the kit are simply: a sheet of plastic, one bar of soap, two pieces of string, a new and still packaged razor blade, a pair of gloves, and one clean cloth (

It is that simple.  The items are cheap and easily obtained in a stable situation and help tremendously to provide easy births while limiting possible infections.  And yet, many women are in unstable situations where they either do not know how easy a safe birth free from infections can be or they do not have access to these items. 

I recommend that you find your favorite Non-governmental Organization (NGO) and see if they are helping package and distribute Clean Home Delivery Kits overseas.  If not, encourage them to consider doing so.

I also encourage you to look into serving in the medical field if you are not currently in a job or on a path that you love or that helps save the kosmos as much as you would like to do.  I am currently in the process of working through a Public Health degree and hope to go onto medical school next to get involved in emergency obstetric care and the prevention of diseases spread from mothers to fetuses. 

But as nice as all of my future plans and the idea of advocating to your favorite NGO is,   it still doesn’t feel like enough of an action right now. 

So here is a next step…contact:

Maternal and Child Health Products Pvt., Ltd.,

Purano, Baneshwor, P.O.B. 7136,

Kathmandu, Nepal,

Tel: 977-1-475-418,

Fax: 977-1-410-375,

or email at to see if you can donate funds to sponsor the costs of these kits for women in need in Nepal.   Or for more information regarding this project, contact Siri Wood at

Or consider staging a rally or having an information booth at your school in honor of those brave women who have to deliver children without any medical assistance, etc. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them, and better yet to go and do them yourself in your home town, on your campus, within your church.

But my first step to aiding these women is to pray and it is the step with the most power guaranteed.


One Response to “The first answer is always prayer”

  1. girlfromthenorthcountry Says:

    Congratulations, Jennifer. This looks like it will be worthwhile and interesting. Keep up the good work!

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