The Newness of This Time Around

Unlike my personal blog, this one has a purpose.  I decided that I felt too feisty to keep to a tight format and a close group of friends.  I needed somewhere to pursue some new things.  I want to see a revolution of the status quo.  Sometimes (often) this world is not enough as it is, the way it was, or the way it is heading.   I do not believe that we can restore things if they were never the way we wanted them to be in the first place.

I have no real feeling as to the direction we will head. 

If I will encourage you to plant a garden, start reading the news with a discriminate eye, write a letter to a newspaper editor-I can not tell you at this venture point.  (This sentence is purposefully passive in that I am letting my desire to let my desires lead, actually lead.)

But on the advice that people cannot be impassioned by everything, I will start with what is dearest and nearest to my own heart and go from there.  From my heart to the fields and the bed sides and the governor’s offices.

So pray with me now, stay with me now.  Push, prod, pull–we’re revolving.


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